How can I check the data source of a station?

The air quality data reported through the AirVisual platform comes from a combination of different sources.
One type is sourced from ground-based monitoring stations - these are typically either government monitoring stations or community-driven AirVisual Pro air monitoring stations, which measure and report air quality from physical sensors. Specific data sources are credited on both the AirVisual app and website
Another type of data is an estimation, based on ground station data and satellite imagery, You will see a "*" icon on estimated AQI. More on this here.

The AirVisual Earth PM2.5 modelization combines data from public government air quality stations, AirVisual community air quality stations, and satellite data.

We strive to display these different data sources as transparently as possible, to give due credit to those who make this data publicly available. Here's where you'll find these data credits within the AirVisual app and website: 

AirVisual App
Enter a location's detailed information page, and you can see data source credited at the top of the page, and a redirect link to the source provider is provided at the bottom. For example:

Data from an AirVisual Pro station contributor:

Data from a government monitoring source:  

Estimated data:

AirVisual website
Data source information is provided under the AQI number on a station's page. For example:

Data from an AirVisual Pro contributor: 

Data from government monitoring stations:    


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