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  1. Access AirVisual's AQI, Air quality and pollution API

  2. Access to AirVisual Pro+ data logs

  3. Air quality forecast

  4. Air quality forecast disclaimer

  5. Air quality ranking disclaimer

  6. AirVisual API timestamp - how does it work?

  7. AirVisual monitor set-up guide AirVisual监测仪设置指南

  8. AirVisual Node/Pro software updates - Changelog

  9. AirVisual Pro API returned JSON format

  10. AirVisual Pro Battery Information

  11. AirVisual Pro Dimensions & Weight

  12. AirVisual’s outdoor data seems to differ from other sources. Why is this?

  13. Android APK app installation permissions

  14. Apple Watch Troubleshooting

  15. Battery stays at 0% when charging and turns off when unplugged

  16. Can I use my AirVisual Node/Pro where there is no outdoor data?

  17. Can the IQAir Air Pollution Mask be cleaned?

  18. Can the Pro's screen be switched off permanently, while still taking measurements?

  19. Cannot register my monitor's serial number

  20. Changelog: 2018 World Air Quality Report

  21. Chinese users: AirVisual Node/Pro常见问题

  22. Connecting the Node/Pro to Wi-Fi networks with web authentication (captive portal)

  23. Credits

  24. Does the Pro/Node have an indoor & outdoor sensor?

  25. Download the AirVisual Node/Pro's data using Samba

  26. Edit your air quality data's timestamp in Excel after downloading

  27. How are the yearly PM2.5 yearly measurements for country/region calculated?

  28. How can I access air quality forecasts through the AirVisual app and website?

  29. How can I access outdoor pollution data through AirVisual's air quality API?

  30. How can I access the PM10 measurements from my Node/Pro?

  31. How can I check the data source of a station?

  32. How can I choose an effective air pollution mask?

  33. How can I connect my AirVisual Pro to other home devices with IFTTT, without a premade Applet?

  34. How can I get the most of my AirVisual Node/Pro's battery?

  35. How can I make my outdoor Node/Pro's data public?

  36. How can I rename my AirVisual Node/Pro?

  37. How can I reset my AirVisual Node/Pro?

  38. How can I see the PM2.5 concentation in µg/m3 on my AirVisual Node/Pro?

  39. How can I update my Node/Pro’s software?

  40. How can I use the AirVisual app’s widget on my phone?

  41. How can I view PM2.5 concentrations on the Node/Pro?

  42. How do I choose my IQAir Mask size?

  43. How do I display PM2.5 AQI and CO2 on the same screen?

  44. How do I view my Node/Pro’s data on the AirVisual website and app?

  45. How do the PM2.5 sensor and CO2 sensor work?

  46. How does the AirVisual Node/Pro predict (forecast) future air quality?

  47. How is air quality data validated before publishing on the AirVisual platform?

  48. How is AQI calculated without all 6 key pollutants?

  49. How is historical data being incorporated in the ranking dataset?

  50. How is the ranking air quality data collected, processed and calculated?

  51. How long can I wear the IQAir Air Pollution Mask before replacing it?

  52. How often does the Node/Pro's sensor take measurements? What is the difference between "Continuous" and "Default" mode?

  53. How precise is the ranking?

  54. How to access the AirVisual Node/Pro's API

  55. How to change notifications on AirVisual iOS App?

  56. How to change or unfollow an outdoor station on my Pro?

  57. How to change the language of your App

  58. How to connect the Node/Pro to Wi-Fi?

  59. How to deregister/unlink my AirVisual device

  60. How to remove or move a location/station in the AirVisual app?

  61. How to set up my personal pollution exposure tracking

  62. I want to register my AirVisual Node/Pro

  63. Is it normal that my humidifier is contributing to a high AQI?

  64. Is missing data from stations common? How is the missing data treated in this ranking and which countries have bad data quality?

  65. Main pollutant thresholds for US and China Air Quality Indexes (AQI)

  66. My city's data is unavailable on the AirVisual map

  67. My CO2 sensor seems to have lost accuracy

  68. My device has stopped displaying outdoor data

  69. My iOS widget doesn't display data

  70. My Node/Pro shows 'No recent data' for Outdoor air quality

  71. My Node/Pro shows a different measurement than the official outdoor station

  72. My PM2.5 sensor has got 'stuck' on a very high number

  73. My serial number does not exist

  74. No nearby location / the app assumes wrong location

  75. Node/Pro maintenance and sensor recalibration

  76. Payment options, shipping and warranty

  77. Privacy policy

  78. Pro/Node data logs - time interval & measurements

  79. Return Policy

  80. Samba data download troubleshooting

  81. Since data measured by AirVisual monitors are used in the ranking, how accurate are AirVisual data?

  82. The CO2 levels are high in my bedroom during the night, what should I do?

  83. What are some of the major sources or causes of ambient air pollution?

  84. What are the data sources for this air quality ranking?

  85. What are the steps taken to ensure the quality of data of the ranking?

  86. What determines the major city ranking?

  87. What do each of the buttons on the AirVisual Pro do?

  88. What does the asterisk (*) mean on some locations' AQI?

  89. What is a "Share Code" and where can I find it?

  90. What is AirVisual Earth and how does it work?

  91. What is an air quality widget and how can I use one to display air quality information on my webpage?

  92. What is AQI?

  93. What is IFTTT and how can I use it with my AirVisual Pro?

  94. What is included in the AirVisual Pro box?

  95. What is pairing mode and how does it work?

  96. What is the area coverage that the reading of Node/Pro is valid for?

  97. What is the data availability rule in the ranking?

  98. What is the difference between China & US AQI; 美国空气质量指数和中国空气质量指数有什么区别?

  99. What is the difference between the US AQI and WHO air quality guidelines?

  100. What is the meaning of the word (frequently, "PM2.5") under the AQI?

  101. What is the red notification on the AirVisual app icon?

  102. What is the size of the AirVisual Node/Pro's screen?

  103. What temperature range can the AirVisual Node/Pro can function within?

  104. What's the difference between the Node/Pro's Enterprise and regular account?

  105. Where can I find my AirVisual Pro’s serial number?

  106. Where can I see when a location's data last updated?

  107. Why AirVisual and AirNow are showing different AQI numbers?

  108. Why are some cities and countries not listed in this air quality ranking?

  109. Why are the WHO Air Quality Guidelines used when different countries have different ambient air quality requirement?

  110. Why do I need an air monitor when my air purifier already has a PM2.5 sensor inside?

  111. Why does my Wi-Fi disconnect frequently?

  112. Why does the AirVisual Node/Pro monitor PM2.5 and CO2?

  113. Why is my AirVisual Node/Pro showing higher pollution than outdoors?

  114. Why is my AQI different in the AirVisual app between 2 phones?

  115. Why is PM2.5 chosen for this ranking?

  116. Why is the air quality ranking data different from governmental/official data?

  117. Why is the Node/Pro's screen reading different to what is shown on the app?

  118. Why is the US Air Quality Index used in the ranking?

  119. Why not add more stations

  120. Will my Node/Pro work without Wi-Fi?

  121. Will there be a VOC Pro/Node soon?

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