The AirVisual Pro/Node

  1. How can I make my outdoor Node/Pro's data public?

  2. Chinese users: AirVisual Node/Pro常见问题

  3. AirVisual Node/Pro software updates - Changelog

  4. Download the AirVisual Node/Pro's data using Samba

  5. How to access the AirVisual Node/Pro's API

  6. How to connect the Node/Pro to Wi-Fi?

  7. Why does my Wi-Fi disconnect frequently?

  8. How can I access the PM10 measurements from my Node/Pro?

  9. Connecting the Node/Pro to Wi-Fi networks with web authentication (captive portal)

  10. How can I update my Node/Pro’s software?

  11. How often does the Node/Pro's sensor take measurements? What is the difference between "Continuous" and "Default" mode?

  12. Why is my AirVisual Node/Pro showing higher pollution than outdoors?

  13. How can I see the PM2.5 concentation in µg/m3 on my AirVisual Node/Pro?

  14. My serial number does not exist

  15. How can I rename my AirVisual Node/Pro?

  16. How can I reset my AirVisual Node/Pro?

  17. What is pairing mode and how does it work?

  18. Can I use my AirVisual Node/Pro where there is no outdoor data?

  19. I want to register my AirVisual Node/Pro

  20. Node/Pro maintenance and sensor recalibration

  21. Payment options, shipping and warranty

  22. What's the difference between the Node/Pro's Enterprise and regular account?

  23. How can I get the most of my AirVisual Node/Pro's battery?

  24. Return Policy

  25. How do I display PM2.5 AQI and CO2 on the same screen?

  26. My Node/Pro shows a different measurement than the official outdoor station

  27. My Node/Pro shows 'No recent data' for Outdoor air quality

  28. Will my Node/Pro work without Wi-Fi?

  29. How do the PM2.5 sensor and CO2 sensor work?

  30. How does the AirVisual Node/Pro predict (forecast) future air quality?

  31. What temperature range can the AirVisual Node/Pro can function within?

  32. What is the size of the AirVisual Node/Pro's screen?

  33. What is included in the AirVisual Node/Pro box?

  34. What is the area coverage that the reading of Node/Pro is valid for?

  35. AirVisual Node/Pro Battery Information

  36. How can I view PM2.5 concentrations on the Node/Pro?

  37. Where can I find my Node/Pro’s serial number?

  38. What do each of the buttons on the Node/Pro do?

  39. AirVisual Node/Pro Dimensions & Weight

  40. Why does the AirVisual Node/Pro monitor PM2.5 and CO2?

  41. What is a "Share Code" and where can I find it?

  42. How do I view my Node/Pro’s data on the AirVisual website and app?

  43. Does the Pro/Node have an indoor & outdoor sensor?

  44. Will there be a VOC Pro/Node soon?

  45. Battery stays at 0% when charging and turns off when unplugged

  46. Cannot register my monitor's serial number

  47. How to change or unfollow an outdoor station on my Node/Pro?

  48. Node/Pro API returned JSON format

  49. Why is the Node/Pro's screen reading different to what is shown on the app?

  50. My PM2.5 sensor has got 'stuck' on a very high number

  51. Can the Pro's screen be switched off permanently, while still taking measurements?

  52. My device has stopped displaying outdoor data

  53. Samba data download troubleshooting

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