There are several ways to access the data from the AirVisual Pro+:

1. Through the website with a simple download link from the device dashboard. The device needs to be registered and connected to internet. The data format is CSV. This feature is accessible to AirVisual Enterprise air monitoring solution users.

2. Through the dedicated device’s API in JSON data format (API link accessible from the dashboard). The device needs to be registered and connected to internet. See the API link here:

3. Through Samba, see explanations: Download the AirVisual Node/Pro's data using Samba
 The data format is CSV.

We suggest using method 1 to access device data.

Step 1. The user needs to register the device into an AirVisual account using the app or the website. See instructions: How to register your AirVisual air monitor.

Step 2. The user logs in the AirVisual web site and download the logged data from air quality dashboard.

The user clicks on the device to see more details and then click on the download link to get the device data logs.

The user can select to download the detailed measurements or the hourly aggregated measurements.

Step 3.

The downloaded CSV file can be opened using Excel or similar software.

The CSV file contains the time zone, timestamp, ambient air temperature, relative humidity, PM1.0/PM2.5/PM10 particle concentration in ug/m3, CO2 level in ppm, TVOC and HCHO in ppb concentration.

The columns may be added/adjusted for further updating.


The time of the device is automatically updated every night. If the time synchronization is important to your project, we suggest you to leave the device connected to the internet at night.

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